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Deep Stretch
Hi My name is Aura-Dawn I was once a fashion and glamor photographer. Am now a 3D artist, so I will try to give you a fair Critique. I saw two of your pieces of similar scenes. I chose this one as the other one had a horrible contrast problem. So with that out of the way I will bet started.

It must be said that this is a unique way of being introduced to the photo as well as a unique way to get her hot.
The lighting of the scene appears to be either a bounced flood, or flash along with a ceiling light. You did well in lighting this picture though no light seems to paint her, but again that may not be what you were after.

Even though looking at ones spread butt cheeks is quite a site, the picture is over all very pleasing though somewhat cluttered. There are two main items that should have been taken out of the scene before shooting it or cropped out. One being this blurred object in the lower left hand corner of the picture, the other the item and shadow at the far right of the picture.

A critique in my opinion is not to flatter the artist as you have done well in certain areas but one can't learn if one is not presented with alternatives that might make a bigger impact. I believe that fireplace flames are not real. If you would have set up a reflector to light that beautiful section that rest in darkness it would have been more pleasing to the eye. Soft shadows would have been nice. But you didn't so what could be done with the picture you took. It would be hard to explain so what I did was copy your picture, spent five minutes cropping and resizing. I uploaded the picture to [link] where it is hidden from the public and only you and I can view it. In my opinion this would have made your picture very desirable with very little extra time.

I will leave the picture up for a an hour after you either accept or reject this critique. The picture uploaded is yours. Download it, post it, what ever you want as I said it is yours not mine. If you want to give me credit as an assist, that is up to you. I only did this to show you what a little editing can do to impact a picture with potential which yours does. As I said before, you and I are the only ones that have access to the link. and it is my way of showing you something that would be too hard to put into words.
What do you think?
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Submitted on
November 29, 2012
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Canon EOS 7D
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Oct 10, 2012, 2:36:24 AM
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